Animated commercials, explainer videos and whiteboard animations.
Apeman does it all!



Customers' satisafaction is our highest priority.

“Apeman Animation was responsible for creating visual props for two of our theater plays. Original animated sequences presented a key element in our play Three sisters where they helped to recreate passages which would be otherwise impossible to bring to stage. Witty animations, with characters inspired by theather’s actors, helped the play to succeed and were very well received by our audience.”


Petr Krajíček Director, Theater LASO

“An extraordinary cooperation that is hard to find these days. Creativity, reliability, keeping the deadlines. Flexibility in case of additional alterations. After three years of working with Apeman Animation I also appreciate their ability to enrich the projects with inventiveness.”


Ondřej Šrámek Creative producer, Czech Televison

“Working with Apeman Animation was in all aspects on high level and I am more than happy with the results. I appreciate personal approach, creativity and overall expertise. Hopefully, we will create something great again soon.”


Martin Baňas


At Apeman Animation we create custom animated videos according to your specific needs.
We specialise in animated commercials and explainer videos which are essential tools of today’s online marketing. We know how to write a good script and create a compelling storyboard. We can pick the best music for your video and take care of the voice-over recording.

Script & Storyboard

Two key components of every pre-production. In order to write a good script we prefer to meet with our clients in person and discuss their requirements. Storyboard is the perfect tool to demonstrate our ideas and planned animations before the start of the production. It helps us unite our visions with your requirements and thus maximize your satisfaction.

Music & Voice-over

Voice-over and music are, besides animation, two most important parts of every animated commercial or explainer video. At Apeman animation we always make sure that voice-over is of the highest possible quality. Voice-overs are recorded in professional sound studio with experienced actors and sound technician. We will choose the right music that will fit video’s message and purpose.

About us

People were trying to capture this mythical creature for decades. Everyone before us failed. We did not. We caught APEMAN!



Best animator, ilustrator and graphic designer in the world. He loves his three colleagues dearly. He is not angry, he is focused!


Kristián Popivčák

Kristian has never had any doubts about Apeman’s existence. In the end he tracked him down in the dense jungle himself.


Jakub Dvořák

It was Jakub who, at the defining moment, shot him with a tranquillizer gun. Apeman never stopped blaming him for that.


Ondřej Pacák

Ondřej was in charge of the logistics throughout the entire expedition. He also organized Apeman’s safe transport home.


Let us know what you need and Apeman will be more than happy to do it for you!

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  • +420 608 601 983
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